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where outstanding design and flawless fabrication of signage are inseparable.
Let your custom sign say everything you never could.
Services include sign design, sign fabrication of illuminated signs and non-illuminated signage, painted wall signs and direct print services as well as site surveys.  |  323.921.7239

Don't just tell them you're here,

show them.

About Mars 

I grew up in the ever changing streets of Los Angeles, CA. in a household where no matter the situations, we found solutions. 

With such mindset, I dared to begin a journey into the world of art and design. I encountered multiple routes such as illustration, graphic design, fine printmaking , until arriving to a dead end road.  I was lost in the masses of a big, creative world not knowing where my place was. I searched for signs to magically show me what to do with my life. Until...

In 2012, it hit me strong and bold like my daily dose of coffee. I realized the entire time I was asking for a sign , I could have been making them! Thus, the beginning of my sign-making career. 

My goal is to empower you to give your business the honor, respect and recognition it deserves. I encourage you to take your place and stand out from the crowd with a Sign From Mars!   

Other questions? let's find out together. 

Contact : | 323.921.7239

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